Newsletter facili e alla portata di tutti

The easy, fast and affordable newsletter solution for everyone!

With Mail Marketing Solutions neither do you need to use your own graphic template for your newsletters nor do you need to learn how to use a complicated web editor.
With Mail Marketing Solutions you can create your newsletter directly in your usual mailing program. Then you mail it to your alias with Mail Marketing Solutions and magically, the newsletter is online and ready to be sent with all the professional mailing instruments like mailing statistics and tracking of views and clicks on the contained links.
If you have a recurring newsletter, you can configure an immediate mailing so you donít even need to login to your web account if not for checking the result of your mailing campaign!
Mail Marketing Solutions revolutionizes the world of newsletters and makes them easy to use, achievable for everyone, fast and inexpensive!

Detailed statistics

The analysis of your emailing campaigns is fundamental for achieving your goals.

We monitor for every mailing:

  • mailing date for single contacts;
  • count of opened emails;
  • opening date for single contacts;
  • click count;
  • click date for single contacts.

Statistics are made for every single newsletter, for every single user and for the various contents of the single newsletter (every link is monitored with own statistics, so it is possible to make a detailed and specific analysis).

Email dispatch with your own email account

This function allows the dispatch of the newsletter with your own email account. This is how you can design and edit your newsletter in a simple way and with an instrument that you already know well.

The dispatch of the newsletter has to be carried out with the address registered and accredited with our system. You have to send the message to the recipient that corresponds to the desired list of users that you have previously loaded. Our system will then register the message, optimize it for the dispatch and activate the links for the statistics - all this is done automatically. In this way, your newsletter will be send to all recipients of the list in a couple of minutes time.

Dispatch with our web-based wizard

You can login with your credentials and use our wizard to prepare and program a newsletter for dispatch. The wizard is very simple and intuitive to use. Also, the wizard is more functional than the ones of our competitors and with only a few clicks, you can dispatch your newsletter.


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